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I can’t help myself.  Organic Comsumers Association is so on top of events that affect our health and well-being, around the world, I have to copy their latest newsletter into this blog.  I have their permission to do so with attribution. There has been important news about Monsanto and the fact that permission for their glyphosate may not be renewed in the EU.  Then, the dangers of chlorpyrifos.

It begins with Ben and Jerry’s refusal to use milk products that don’t have glyphosate in them. And on to the bi-annual National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)  meeting in Florida next week to determine whether hydroponically grown produce should be labeled organic.  Hmmmm. We are getting increasingly separated from the soil, me thinks, and relying on chemically induced life.  And what does our soil have to do with climate change?  If we abandon the soil as important, we abandon a way to sequester carbon, which, with forestation, is a major part of reducing our chances of overwarming the planet.  Soil, trees, responsible agriculture…these are all important, common sense tools for helping to decrease warming.  Many have lost their common sense.  The rest of us have to be more alert.  So read on:

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