We’ve Been Eclipsed

August 24th

Yes! we’ve been eclipsed. In the direct path of totality our state had a sun fest like no other. People came for miles, reserving hotels, motels and campgrounds months in advance. And most were not disappointed. Cheers, everyone.

The sun’s big show put an exclamation point on summer, and now we head into Fall. We’ve been gloriously warm and downpour free.  It seemed a miracle. As in every  summer in our state, we balance between the comfort of sun and the virtual drought we have for our summer months. Although we have not been watering as furiously as in past summers. If our new overnight spritzes continue, I would have to guess they are harbingers of the coming rains. Time to store up tea and good books.

I’ve harvested my peas and have begun to harvest cabbages. I’ve had a scourge of cabbage flies and loopers this summer.  If you have large pinholes all over your leaves, this is your problem. My kale and cabbages have been decimated (although the cabbages are hearty enough to harvest and eat)…too late for me to do anything substantial about them.  If you’re having the same problem, the following  website  will tell you what to look for, how to prevent it, and how to deal with deterence humanely and organically. Be prepared for next season.


Be sure to rotate your crops and turn the soil up in the fall to expose larvae that don’t like cold weather.

Lettuce is still holding, and carrots are on their way.  And oh! 43 tomatoes and counting…still green.  I cover them when I can to keep the heat in, here  at 1300 feet elevation, and I hold out hope for more really hot days. This year I’ve added a fig tree and a columnar apple which I hope will encourage those I’ve already planted. (If anyone knows the best care of columnar apples, please advise.  I have four in the soil that are ten years old and not producing.)

Farmer’s Market For Local Growers 2018

Our Committee for a Community Farmer’s Market by 2018 is working hard.  We envision creating a website soon that will provide inspiration and information for communities who are joining the movement to encourage local sustainable farming, and the outlets for their produce.  We hope to connect restaurants with local growers and create an atmosphere of success and possibility. Anyone interested in joining this effort, please comment here.

The News

So on to some news.  I have permission to feature Organic Bytes from the Organic Consumers Association on this site. I am passing along some of their latest information, and their link if you are interested in reposting to Facebook?


Here’s wishing you all bountiful harvests.




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