Nanotechnology and Your Food

While nanotechnology and nanomaterials may be tiny, they have huge human and environmental health ramifications. A growing body of scientific research demonstrates that engineered nanoparticles pose threats to human health, raising concerns about their use in food and many other consumer products. 

Despite these concerns, nanomaterials can be found in everything from baby formulas to candy to fertilizers, and are largely unapproved and unregulated by the government. These novel products create novel risks: for example, nanomaterials can penetrate human skin and when ingested, reach sensitive places like bone marrow, lymph nodes, the heart, and the brain. But consumers have almost no information about these potential impacts, or even about where nanomaterials may be present

For more information  go to theeCenter for Food Safety, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, and Friends of the Earth.

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