Organic Consumers Association News

Our Co-op has succumbed to market forces in our little town. But I hope to keep the blog alive as there are so many things happening in the country and in the world, that affect our food supply.  Real information is often hard to get, but there are some sources we can trust, and one of them is the Organic Consumers Association.  This week I have chosen to copy their newsletter in its entirety to share with those who don’t receive it.

Just when we think our efforts might be paying off…..after all, look at all those nonGMO labels on more and more foods…the mighty Monsanto fights back harder attempting to pass bills that would put a strangle hold on our rights to limit those things that would harm us.

So I hope you will follow what’s happening.  And instead of losing heart,  just boycott those corporate entities and food producers that refuse to label their products.  Massive boycotts, at this point, could prove to be a change.  ~admin~


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