Mushroom Identification With Anna Moore

Mushrooms with Anna Moore at Real Food Co-op

This is the season for the great wild mushrooms that the Northwest offers, Boletus Edulis, Chantrelles, Matsutake et al.  Everyone knows they are choice additions to a meal, but not everyone knows their characteristics.  There are undesirable mushrooms that mimic these greats, and it is wise to educate yourself before going out in the field, or find a good advisor if you bring something home that you are unsure of.

Many customers go to Real Food Co-op for assistance in identifying wild mushrooms.  So the Co-op will be hosting a mushroom identification opportunity on Thursday, November 17th from 3 PM to 5PM. It will be held at the Co-op near the corner ofRhododendron and Highway 101 (1379B Rhododendron Drive).

Anna Moore, who has some expertise in local wild mushrooms, will be available that Thursday for a discussion and identification of specimens. There will be a display to help with visual identification and sharing of tasty recipe ideas. The public is definitely welcome.  Bring your specimens.

The Co-op supports locally farmed fruits and vegetables, and now has its own supply of locally wild crafted Chantrelles in the produce cooler. King Boletes, or Porcini, can be ordered through the store for $10.00 a pound- a great price considering what they usually cost in other markets.

For more information call Real Food Co-op at 541 997-3396.  Hours are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day but Sunday, and from 10 Am to 7 PM on Tuesday.

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