Call To Action…Keep Our Air, Water, Soil and Humans Safe From Toxic Sprays

One down, one to go!

Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR) recieved the judge’s ruling on the first of two lawsuits by Peter Begren, a local forest owner, filed against Citizens for a Healthy County’s ordinance. The judge ruled that the ordinance is in compliance with Oregon Statutes both in terms of single subject and full text. This is fantastic news, and we are elated.  The second lawsuit challenges the ballot title to the ordinance.  After that is resolved, Citizens for a Healthy County would be authorized to gather signatures to put the ordinance banning aerial spraying of pesticides on the ballot, hopefully for November.
Last week, members of LCCR were the guest speakers at the screening of the first of 3 environmental films shown by Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District, an organization which has now affirmed its support of our work.  They have said they will help LCCR make contact with people in Lincoln City who they have worked with. LCCR is currently working to find places and participants to hold house parties in a continuing effort to expand their support.
Collecting Signatures Now!

In Oregon, timber corporations routinely spray forest lands with hazardous chemicals such as Glyphosate, Atrazine and 2,4-D. Due to drift, these chemicals “trespass,” contaminating surface and groundwater, livestock, crops, and people. We’re pushing back!
Join Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance for their Double Feature Roadshow, featuring Behind the Emerald Curtain, and Drift: A Community Seeking Justice. These films are headed to a community near you, where you’ll be able to sign the petition to help us get the Freedom from Aerial Spraying of Herbicides Charter Amendment on the ballot in Lane County in May 2017. Check their website for showings.

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Cashiers this Week…come one, come all

Hello All…

Last week was great – the whole week was filled before Monday came around.  That was great.  If we can keep that up we could consider opening up in the morning again. I, for one, would really like that better…

Now this week is a different story and there are some shifts to fill.  Hope you can help out.

Monday, May 2                 12-3

Thursday, May 5                3-6

Friday, May 6                    12-3 and 3-6

Saturday, May 7               12-3 and 3-6

Thanks so much for all your help, Rene


A Refresher On Special Orders



Your Co-op works to find those things we cannot immediately supply, and Special Orders are a good way to find them and  save money.  Orders usually come in  25-50 lb. bags, or cases. But there is a “split list” on the Co-op Connections board for those who want to share an order. Members are charged a 25% mark-up, and non-members, a 35% mark-up.

Ask your cashier to see the catalogues. You can write your order on the Special Order Sheet or give your information to the cashier. You will be called when the order comes in.

(A deposit is required for orders over $300.)

Orders for UNFI:

-Order Wednesday by noon for Saturday noon(ish) pick up.

Orders for Hummingbird, Cafe Mam, Cafeto, Surata, Springfield Creamery, DeCasa, Deck:

-Order Friday noon for Wednesday morning pick up.

Orders for OGC:

-Order Friday noon for Monday 1PM pick up.

-Order Monday noon for Wednesday AM pick up

-Order Tuesday noon for Friday noon (isn) pick up

Knee Deep: 

-Order Tuesday for Monday 1 PM (ish) pick-up

Local Produce:

Please call for delivery schedule

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Please Support the Local Community Food Rights Charter

A note from Michelle Holman about Lane County Local Food Rights:

“Let’s protect our County’s local food system from GMO contamination.

Lane County has a vibrant local food system that we need to protect.The Willamette Valley is one of the last five specialty seed-growing regions in the world for varieties such as brassicas (e.g. cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, mustard, rutabaga, etc.) that are the most susceptible to contamination by GMOs. Once contaminated, it would be virtually impossible to re-establish this industry.

You can help!
The Right to a Local Food System Charter Amendment is now in the signature gathering 
phase. We need folks to step up and gather signatures in West Lane County.
If you can help by either becoming the organizer of this effort in Florence or just want to gather signatures, please contact Michelle Holman at or Dan Wilson at

Together, we will protect our precious local food system.

What this charter amendment will do:
The Right to a Local Food System of Lane County Charter Amendment will recognize county residents’ rights to a local food system, seed heritage (seed saving), and bans GMO agriculture countywide.”
Michelle Holman
Jamaica Breakfast Program 
Campaign Update and Volunteer Kick-off Call!

Oregon Secretary of State has put a halt to the broader circulation of Oregon’s Right of Local Community Self-Government Constitutional Amendment petition.  To resolve this impasse we are headed to court to prove that the state has erred and that the people of Oregon will have their day in the sun, both in being able to work towards ballot qualification for November 2016 and ultimately being able to cast a YES vote for greater democracy for people, communities and nature over that of corporate control.

There are many ways to get involved, that range from when you have time, to being more deeply involved in the day to day. To help get you up to speed on what has been happening and what is planned along with learning more about the volunteer needs for each of the three areas of focus there will be an open Campaign Updates and Volunteer Kick-Off Call on May 10th.

In fact, we will be hosting the same call twice – morning and evening. Here are the details:

Campaign Updates and Volunteer Kick-Off Call

Tuesday, May 10th
Noon to 1pm OR
7pm to 8pm

Dial-in number: (712) 770-4010
Access Code: 726153#

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New Products

Here are new products I failed to post last week.  Sales may not apply this week, but check the next post for current sales~admin

New Logo

To provide healthful and nutritious food, emphasizing locally and sustainably grown products at a reasonable cost.

This Weeks New Products!
Look for 10% off sale below!
Take 10% off
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Thanks to you, we had a great day…over $700! Help us to succeed.

Here’s this week’s specials

Spring Products-Try Garlic or Chipotle Yumm Sauce! 

On Sale


10% OFF on either Yumm Sauce till May 6th!

New products



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YUMM! Sauce is here!

Original, Chipotle and Roasted Garlic

Hello all…

I am leaving to go to Israel to see my family and will be gone for a whole month.

Karen will need all the help she can get so please be there so the co-op can be open 6 days a week. We need you always and now even more. Please volunteer a few hours a week and take on a shift so we don’t have to close the doors.

Karen and I are putting a good amount of hours in at the co op but as long as it is the 2 of us, we can share and help each other and divide the load. I will be away April 18th till May 18th and Karen will take on my load. She will not be able to pitch in and fill up the empty shifts on the schedule. Her hands will be full.

We hope to make it to the point where we make enough money so that we can hire someone so the co-op is not dependent on volunteers, but we are not there yet. Until then, please see if you can commit to come once a week or once every 2 weeks so we don’t have to close the store due to lack of volunteers.

We have a small strong core group of working owners that do above and beyond for the co-op and we all owe them, for they are the reason the store is running. But this dedicated group is too small to do all the work. Please come and take part.

Thank you in advance, and see you in a month!

Liat Meller, General Manager


Board Meeting Reminder:

Unfortunately, those who do not receive emails may not have known that the board meeting is next week, April 19th at 6 p.m. in the Bromley Room. From now on, there will be a sign in the co-op showing the date of each board meeting as it approaches so hopefully, this will take care of that. Sorry to anyone if you showed up yesterday.

Attention. Attention. Attention!

Rosemary Alden will be demonstrating “The Benefits of Acupressure”

When: This Thursday, April 14th at 4 p.m.

Where: The Real Food Co-op

“Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is the art of getting to know and help ourselves.” This holistic practice can relieve physical, mental and emotional conditions when done by yourself or with the help of a practitioner. Rosemary began practicing and teaching this Japanese form of acupressure over 15 years ago and will talk and demonstrate the art in our co-op. Everyone is invited!


As you can see from the picture at the top, it’s true, we now carry Yumm Sauce in all 3 flavors; original, garlic and chipotle!



69aa69d2-3439-4459-8647-e3e0b3fe70c2Thank you for taking the time to read this. Remember to send your ideas for products you’d like to see us carry. We are always trying to expand and with your help and your continued sponsorship of products, we can succeed.

All our best,

Real Food Co-op

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ENVISION a Growing co-op


Dear Owners/Members, Please read all the way through. Information about a correction in the Board Meeting at the end.

Liat and I are trying hard to figure out how to make our co-op strong again. It has been disappointing that many of the spaces for cashiers have not been filled. Every week it seems one of us has to stay much longer than expected because we didn’t want to have to close early. However, this is not sustainable and not possible to keep up since it makes our day 8-10 hours long.

We have been discussing options to this problem along with other ones, so I am asking you to email us with your responses to some of these thoughts.

First, the Port Orford Co-op is open 4 days a week and they’re doing great. Should we try this?  

Second, would there be more volunteers if we had 2 hour shifts, in which case we could again offer to open at 10 a.m?

Third, are any of you open to doing a quick talk to an organization you are a part of to let people know about the co-op? There are still many people who don’t know we are here! 

Fourth, if we knew Saturdays we could open at 10 a.m. with dedicated cashiers, who of you would be interested?


to Mary Shaw and Frank Hargate, for purchasing brand new bakers racks for the store. They started out purchasing a couple of them and wound up going back for more to take away the big brute monstrosity that housed our oils and bulk foods. What a change! It looks fantastic! Thank you for your generosity Mary and Frank!

Another huge thank you goes out to Wesley Voth who generously donated the money to purchase coasters with our Real Food Co-op name on it, lovingly designed by artist and fellow member, Sandy Sanders. The coasters look great. All that’s left is to distribute them.


The sponsoring of a product has taken on some steam!

Here’s what is currently about to be ordered because of sponsorships:

1. Farro

2. Rye Flakes (rolled)

3. Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt

(all sponsored by Jill Hardin)

4. Redwood Hill Goat Yogurt

(sponsored by Wanda Hill)

We have heard from very few of you. We don’t even know if you receive these newsletters or just delete them as soon as they get to your inbox. Since so many of us are on a mission to save this co-op, we would appreciate a response regarding the issues in this correspondence.

We cannot succeed without the power of our numbers. We have a chance here. Are you going to watch it go away when we’re so close to turning it around? Won’t you help make a difference?

Here’s your chance. Now is the time.

All of us at the Real Food Co-op thank you and hope you will give it another chance. We need you now.


April 19th at the Bromley Room.

It was incorrectly posted for April 12th.

Thank you all once again.


Karen Hazelwood

General Manager

Real Food Co-op


Friends/Owners of the Real Food Co-op

This is a time of great change in our store. Much has happened wih more changes on the way. If you haven’t been in the store lately, it’s time. It is new, bright and airy. Thanks to Mary Shaw and Frank Hungate, who so generously donated and installed 3 brand new bakers racks. This now allows us to have many more products while also being visually much more pleasing to the eye. A huge thank you to all of you who helped engineer our new look. Bravo!

New products are always coming through the door. Thanks to those of you who offered their thoughts by answering the survey. We are listening. It’s exciting that we have come to a place where the co-op is ready for a leap forward. We have paid off a huge amount of our debt, however in a store like ours, we always owe money for products purchased but not yet sold. The flow of money is a constant challenge.

We have the opportunity to make this store THRIVE! It can be the place you come to when you want a great cup of coffee or tea, where you can buy an organic sandwich or salad, purchase wine or beer, have a dessert, meet with friends, use the wi-fi and of course, find unusual and not-sold-anywhere-else-in-town products.

We need your help and ideas to generate a larger flow of money to fill our shelves with products that will benefit all of our customers. Once shelves are full then we will generate even more, which in turn will bring in more money to purchase more products.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate seed money so we can get a larger variety of products

2. Purchase a case of a product and donate 1/2 of it to the store.

3. Create a fund raising event

4. Ask people for money, donations, promotions to help grow your co-op

5. Bring friends into the store that have not been here before and help them find products they need

6. Use your imagination to come up with ideas that will make our co-op thrive

7. Make a huge difference by working in the store. We need more people to operate the store. Hours were cut because there were not enough volunteers to cover the times we were open. If you like to shop mornings, think about opening for 2 hours once a week. If we get enough people, we can once again extend our hours.

For those of you not yet taking part in the co-op, we would like to invite you to become involved in this awesome, local, organic business with a heart. Please join us and make new friends along the way.

You do matter and your time in the store helping out is so important.


There are a group of us with a big vision. We need yours too. Can you see us moving to a place on the 101, in full sight of everyone? There we would have more parking, a bigger store, a certified kitchen and a booming business.

The time is now for the Real Food Co-op to lift beyond the survival mode and bloom. Each of you is a catalyst for this change to occur. What can you give? What can you do? Please step forward and help make the Real Food Co-op a deeply appreciated asset in our community.

Wishing you all the best in health and peace in spirit and thought. We are connected in all ways.

Your friends,

Karen Hazelwood & Liat Meller, General Managers

Real Food Co-op

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Co-op Board Minutes

Co-op Board Minutes are available now.  Click on Co-op Board of Director’s Minutes on the black menu bar beneath our picture.  They are not complete yet, but we’re working on it.


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Reminder of our Volunteer Appreciation Meeting

To provide healthful and nutritious food, emphasizing locally and sustainably grown products at an affordable price

______________Survey ______________

As some of you may have seen, we posted a survey on our Facebook page and there were glitches. I’m still not sure they have been taken care of, so I will be going in every day to put the site up for the survey. All you need to do is click on it and you will be taken to a page where you can type your answers in and submit it probably in 2 minutes or less. That’s it; no fuss.

Just in case, you can access the survey by clicking this link below.

We would greatly appreciate your honest answers. Since it is your co-op, please help us to make this the place you love to shop at once again. The energy that has been going on daily has increased and there is a buzz  within this tiny but still mighty business. Please don’t give up.

Come in and see what changes have been occurring. You will be pleasantly surprised……


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Annie McHale Cooks GF Chocolate Cake

Cooking Demonstration

Hello All!

We will have a cooking demo with chef Annie McHale from Yachats,  on Wednesday March 2nd,  4:00-6:00pm . This is the second time Annie will do a demonstration for us.  The first time we learned how to make crackers and Hummus without chickpeas.

During this upcoming demo Annie will show us how to make a gluten free Chocolate Ganache Cake.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from a professional. Come join us and learn some great cooking skills, enjoy samples of the creation, and get helpful tips.

Liat Meller, General Manager

Real Food Co-op


Inventory Thanks

Inventory went super fast and smoothly this past Sunday. We pretty much all partnered up and picked what we were going to work on. It was systematic and fun! At the end, our rockin’ president Joseph put on some tunes and we danced and tallied numbers. The energy was really great. A huge thank you goes out to:

  • Wanda Hill
  • Kendra Lewis
  • Pat Mills
  • Robin Mills
  • Sara Bower
  • Joseph Bernard
  • Karen Brown
  • Liat Meller
  • Sara Kaul
  • Jill Hardin
  • Carol Barbee

Such a great group!

Looking forward to next year, (and as a note, we’ll need twice as many volunteers because by then we’ll have twice as much inventory.)

Karen Hazelwood, General Manager

Real Food Co-op


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