Coop/Board News for February

Hello to you all on what appears to be the 7th day of February.

I’ve seen daffodils starting to come up and other plants that never really died back. We have much to be grateful for.

Our co-op has taken a turn for the better! Thanks to those of you who have volunteered to come in to do cashiering and cleaning and staying for deliveries, there is light at the end of the long tunnel. We are expanding our product lines and have begun the process of figuring out how to change the inside of the co-op while creating more places for new products. Our debt is going down and after we have our bookkeeper Shari come in to reconcile, I can give you better numbers to validate what I am saying. I am relieved and energized by this.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you our new President, Joseph Bernard. He will be taking Erin Leonard’s place though she will stay on as VP and help where it is needed. Thank you Erin!

Hi To Everyone In Our Co-Op Family,

I was recently selected to be the president of the board for our co-op. I am very excited about this opportunity to serve all of you. I am confident that together we can grow the co-op to better meet the needs of all the owners and our community. 

With the help of our expanded board, the recent past president Erin and all the engaged owners, we can take what we have and help make co-op thrive. We can do this filling our shelves full of good products, increasing the flow of income, providing more pay for staff and offering the kinds of foods that meet your needs for the best kind of health.

Together let’s hold the vision in our minds about how we want the co-op to look when it is very successful and how we want to feel in our hearts when we are there. If you can see it, feel it, sense how you want it to be, you can make it happen. Together let’s create a big vision for our cooperative adventure that makes us the owners happy and the community grateful for being such a resource for the well-being of everyone. 

Over the next year there will be changes in how the store looks. There will be more products on the shelves and a renewed sense of how the co-op can flourish.
Your help is needed. Your ideas are welcomed. Your time, your resources, and your feedback is essential. Your support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated by the board, the staff and all the owners.
Please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to respond. My email is:  

Much peace and joy to each of you,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.  



The next board meeting will be at the library in the Bromley Room at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, February 16th.

Every year, we must take inventory. The date for you to come and help, if even for an hour, is Sunday, February 21st at 10 a.m. Bring something to share snack wise so we can eat and work and of course talk and have fun!

Demonstration Night:
Last week we had an incredibly delicious demonstration with Annie McHale of Roots Culinary School. She came with her wonderful husband, Curt Gray demonstrating how to make squash hummus and crackers made from scratch. We had about 12 people and let me just say, I have a renewed sense of adventure where food comes into play. It’s easy to feel like there just isn’t enough time anymore after a long day. Annie showed us that with only a few ingredients, we could make simple yet out of the ordinary tasting delicacies! She has graciously offered to come once a month to do different demonstrations so I hope next month you can make it. You will not be sorry.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something so forgive me if I did. Please come in and check out our new products. We’re getting Straus milk in again, some fantastic snack pretzels from Mary’s, those great corn pizza crusts, coconut yogurt, Rebbl drinks in mocha and Ashwaganda as well as Millennium drinks. That’s just off the top of my head which is brimming about now.

Wishing you all the best,

Karen Hazelwood
General Manager
Real Food Co-op

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Cashier Notification for January 29 – February 6

Thank you to all those who have volunteered for cashiering this week. I haven’t had to ask anyone to sign up until now… we have 2 spots to be filled.

They are:

Friday, January 29

Saturday, January 30

Next week, we have no one who has filled in any times:

Monday, Februrary 1

Tuesday, February 2

Wednesday, February 3

Thursday, February 4

Friday, February 5

Saturday, February 6

The co-op has been doing better. We can see the results. It’s because of all of you!

Thank you again.

Karen Hazelwood
General Manager
Real Food Co-op

Thank you!

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Annual Meeting and Potluck



To provide healthful and nutritious food, emphasizing locally and sustainably grown products at a reasonable cost.

Greetings to all of you…

I hope this time finds you all a bit more rested and feeling ready to open to all that comes your way. Our little co-op, though it is struggling, has the support of all of you in so many ways. Simply by shopping here, you are giving it life. We have been working hard to bring in some new items and changing things around a bit. It’s all a big puzzle and by working together, I do feel we can weave together the missing pieces.

Jill Hardin, our brand new board member, found a great place to have our Annual Meeting and Potluck:

Florence Unitarian Universalist Church
87738 HW 101, corner of Heceta Beach Road

Wednesday, January 13th at 6 PM

Along with a dish or dessert to bring, feel free to bring wine or beer.

Let’s party!

Looking forward to sharing good food and good conversation.

Till then,

Karen Hazelwood, General Manager
Real Food Co-op

Please join us!

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Happy Holiday from Karen

Dear friends,
Thank you to each and every one of you who support the Real Food Co-op. Your generosity continues to be extraordinary. Through this little store I have met and continue to meet amazing people. How wonderful to meet others surrounding food! As I sit here in this momentarily calm part of the morning, I hope this new year brings you a new sense of adventure and a new way of seeing, to accompany you in your life. Let us be guided by our wise bodies rather than our (clever) overactive minds. May we stop to witness the beauty of the land and marvel at the gift of living here. Wishing you great peace, energetic health, silence, wonder, and of course, love. 
Your friend,
Karen Hazelwood
General Manager, Real Food Co-op

Warmest Wishes for a wonderful holiday.

Election of Board of Directors 2015

Vote for up to eight (8) candidates. One ballot per household please. Ballots can be either printed from this email and mailed into the store (address below) or you can stop in at the store and complete a pre-printed ballot at that location.
New Board This Year
 ______ Joseph Bernard
 ______ Sarah Bower
 ______ Karen Brown
 ______ Jill Hardin
 ______ Vickie Weber
Old Board (Current or Returning)
______ Christine Delgado
______ Wanda Hill
______ Erin M. Leonard
REAL FOOD CO-OP | WEBSITE | (541) 997-3396
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Co-op Newsletter and Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from


 Real Food Co-op


New Winter Hours

Monday through Saturday

12:00 to 6:00 PM

(beginning Dec. 21)

As of Monday, December 21, we are reducing our hours to make it possible for us to staff the store with volunteer cashiers.  Additionally, the store may close for short periods during open hours if coverage is not available.

Products for the Holidays

We are pleased to announce that we are getting more Kombucha in bulk, and also trying a few new flavors, such as Lemon Ginger and others.  Come and fill your bottles for the holiday1

We have lots of fresh pumpkins as well as canned, and more Sweet Creek blackberry and blueberry jams. We have only two more of the Stollen Breads which are absolutely scrumptious. Our produce is brimming with plump pears, perfectly ready-to-eat Mineolas, and wonderful sweet potatoes.

Promote Your Co-op

Word of mouth can be a very effective way to advertise. If you are on Facebook, please visit our page and consider sharing posts with your friends and family. Additionally, you can forward this or any other email you receive announcing products and specials. Taking a few moments to share what you like with others can help us reach our goals.

Thank YOU!

We would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have supported the store by volunteering, purchasing and donating. Together we create a true co-op, and all of us and our community benefit. Thank you and may peace and joy be yours this holiday season.


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Cashier Openings this Week

All Cashiers….

There are not too many openings for cashier this week, however they all need to be filled.  Here’s hoping the help will come…

I have the same tip for you this week.  It is an important one.  Please Wash Your Hands!  Flu season means we should be extra careful.  Our customers will thank us.

If you are able to fill in a spot this week, please call the co-op. I’ll be in surgery….

Monday, December 14                              3p-6p

Wednesday, December 16                       10a-13p

Thursday, December 17                           3p-6p

Saturday, December 19                           10a-12p; 12p-3p; 3p-6p

Thanks for your help,


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News From the Co-op

The Power of the Holidays
Announcements for the week of December 7, 2015
Can you be a Santa to the Co-op this season?
As you know, the Co-op is re-organizing.  Our volunteer owners have been stepping up admirable to keep the Co-op open. But its biggest challenge is to pay its debts before being able to bring in new products.
Please consider giving a gift by helping us pay some of our bills. It doesn’t matter what you can give; we are appreciative of anything you can do. Some of the vendors we are trying to pay are:
    • Bear Mountain Honey
    • Bread Stop
    • Dr. Brew (Kombucha)
    • Cafe Mam and Cafeto
    • Deck Family Farm and Knee Deep
    • Glorybee
    • Greenfield Farms
    • Hummingbird
    • Mycological Natural
    • Organically Grown
    • Toby’s
    • Whiskey Creek Farms
    • Winter Green Farm


    If you are willing to give toward this effort, please come in and talk with Karen Hazelwood or Liat.

    ‘Tis the season to be… stressed?
    In our December Real Food Co-op Wellness Class, Frances Klippel will be teaching some helpful techniques, herbal remedies, and small changes in lifestyle to balance and enhance mood and function during this sometimes very busy and demanding time of year. 
    Turmeric Fresh
    Frances also will address Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with some simple things you can do immediately to restore balance! 
    ‘Take the time’ to come and join us!
    When: Thursday, December 10, 2015, 5:00-6:00 PM
    Where: Real Food Co-op, Florence, OR (open to the public)
    A season of thanks…
    Thank You

    We have many thanks to give to several volunteers who have been helping out at the co-op for some time…


    What can we say about Jen Nelson? She has been the guiding force at the co-op since its beginnings. She started out working at Salmonberry Natural with Pip and Jan way back when; later she brought her knowledge and love of wholesome foods to help the co-op spring to life. Of course, there were many others who shared in this as well. Jen has been a tireless worker, doing the job of many for little pay, out of love and care. Though she is stepping away and handing over the multiple jobs she has done over the years, she continues to come in and teach us what she knows. There’s a whole lot in that sweet brain of hers! Thank you Jen Nelson for all you have done.
     Thank you, also, to Dina Pavlis, who lovingly did our newsletter for a very long time. She finally needed to pass it on to the next person. She has been a wonderful and supportive member of the co-op and it’s because of her that you always knew what was going on.

    And last, but not least, a big thank you to our outgoing board members for their dedication and time. You all rock!

    Erin Leonard,

    Christine Delgado

    Laurie Stone

    Bob Spillman

    Jen Nelson

    Welcome to our new board members and thank you for volunteering!

    Jill Hardin

    Sarah Bower

    Karen Brown

    Joseph Bernard

    Vickie Weber

    Wanda Hill

    Erin Leonard (who is graciously staying on for another year to help)

    The board members are the backbone of our co-op. There are many issues that often need to be addressed which require monthly meetings and sometimes more than that. To everyone, the time you have given and will be giving cannot be measured. Thank you all, both past and present, for your generosity.
    To all of us, may good health bring rise to peace, to love, to friendship and to understanding.

    Karen Hazelwood,    Real Food Co-op General Manager


    December Board Meeting

    Our next Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 16, from 6:00-7:30 PM in the Siuslaw Public Library conference room. All members are invited to come and receive an update on our current status and to share their ideas. We hope to see you there!

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    Call Your Congress People to Oppose the DARK Act.


    Please call your Congressmen and women and tell them you oppose pre-empting state’s rights to regulate the labeling and production of GMO foods.  The DARK Act has recently been passed by the House of Representatives and is going before the Senate.  According to the the Organic Consumer’s Association this bill does not do what it purports to do and will pre-empt the right of states to make regulate and label GMO’s.

    This post  is excerpted from an earlier post by the Organic Consumers Association, a group that has been fighting for regulation and labeling of GMO’s for years:

    “Two hundred and seventy five members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of H.R. 1599, the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act. By voting for the DARK Act, these politicians voted against truth and transparency, against science, against the more than century-old right of states to legislate on matters relating to food safety and labeling. Now that the DARK Act has been approved by the House, we’ll have to stop it in the Senate….. Monsanto is desperate to pass a bill that preempts mandatory GMO labeling laws at the state and federal levels, before Vermont’s GMO labeling law takes effect next year.

    H.R. 1599 (is) still pushing out the lies. The “Coalition for Safe and Affordable Food,” feigning concern for consumers, emailed members urging them to support the DARK Act because if we require mandatory labeling, it will increase the cost of your food by $500/year. That lie has been debunked over and over, by legitimate independent studies.  It’s a lie based on a study funded by, and which remains the intellectual property of, the Council for Biotech Information—of which Monsanto is a member. The DARK Act creates a voluntary, government-run non-GMO certification program. Unless every producer of non-GMO products pays to have those products certified non-GMO, consumers will still have no way of knowing which products contain GMOs, and which don’t. And why should the burden of labeling fall on the producers of non-GMO foods, when the risk factor is associated with those foods that do contain GMOs?

    H.R. 1599 would repeal existing state GMO labeling laws, such as Vermont’s Act 120, and would preempt any future state or federal laws requiring mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods or foods containing GMOs. That’s unconstitutional, according to the Campaign for Liberty, which said this in a statement yesterday:

    Whatever your views on GMOs, there is no Constitutional justification for the federal government to preempt state laws in this area. There certainly is no justification for Congress to preempt private sector efforts to meet consumer demands for non-GMO foods, while allowing those who support the use of GMOs to do so.


    DC Phone

    DC FAX

    Contact Form

    Senator Ron Wyden (D- OR)



    Senator Jeff Merkley (D- OR)



    Representative Suzanne Bonamici (D – 01)



    Representative Greg Walden (R – 02)


    202-225-5774§ …

    Representative Earl Blumenauer (D – 03)


    202-225-8941 …

    Representative Peter A. DeFazio (D – 04)


    Representative Kurt Schrader (D – 05)



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    Note From Ian/Ashland Co-op

    Report from the Board (Ashland)

    by Ian Crosby, Director

    I thought board service at Ashland Food Co-op was challenging enough, but serving as interim General Manager at the Real Food Co-op in Florence, OR has been a real eye opener for me! Similarities abound! Co-op doppelgangers. Economic realities. Quality organics. Co-op people are a special breed no matter where you are.

    One thing is for certain: people make Co-ops. Whether your co-op’s owner count is ten thousand or two hundred, we the people who put our equity down and say “we want to own this” are truly owners of our businesses. We participate by being loyal shoppers; by voting for our board of directors; and, by willingly volunteering when the call is put out.

    No matter how large the cooperative enterprise is, co-ops “do” community better than any other form of business. Food Co-ops provide a place to shop, meet, eat and participate with community. I am glad so many people want to support community that is centered around food: buying food; growing food; cooking, sharing, and eating food. And what better time of year is there than this holiday season to focus on all the wonderful things cooperators have to be thankful for. What a great thing we have going. Support our Co-ops and support ourselves.

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    Center For Food Safety and Nano silver Pesticide

    Center for Food Safety recently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its decision to allow a new antimicrobial nanosilver pesticide product (called “NSPW-L30SS”) for use in an unknown number of textiles and plastics for the next four years while the manufacturer conducts further safety analysis of the product, essentially turning the public into guinea pigs.

    Nanotechnology is a powerful new platform technology for taking apart and reconstructing nature at the atomic and molecular level. Consumer products containing manufactured nanoparticles have already arrived on market shelves, including nano-pesticide products, despite there being little to regulation or oversight of these new materials.

    Among the studies that EPA is requiring is a plastic leaching study to determine the nature and quantity of silver released from plastics incorporating this new nanosilver pesticide when mouthed or teethed. The study on which EPA relied for the conditional registration used a protocol that was not reviewed by EPA prior to being conducted and used nanosilver concentrations less than the maximum allowed on the pesticide label.

    Additionally, EPA is requiring testing to determine the toxicity of the pesticide to aquatic invertebrates, because the available studies in the scientific literature indicate that if sufficient quantities of nanosilver leach from the products incorporating this new pesticide and reach surface water, exposure may harm aquatic species.

    We are looking for members who are concerned about EPA’s decision. Specifically, we are looking for information from members who meet one or more of the following criteria:

    1.    You are responsible for purchasing clothing, toys, and other household items for yourself or your family and are concerned that you and your family are at risk of being exposed to nanosilver from these products, OR you are concerned that absent proper regulation, you cannot make informed choices about whether to purchase items that contain untested nanosilver technology.

    2.    You regularly visit and observe areas of the natural environment—particularly to observe aquatic species—that may be harmed by the release of nanosilver into the aquatic environment.

    If you meet any of these criteria, then your experience could be very helpful in this groundbreaking nanotechnology case!  Please email or call 415-826-2770 as soon as possible to learn more about how you can help.

    Thank you,
    Zack Marker
    Legal Fellow, Center for Food Safety

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